Online Sports Betting in New Jersey

August say the legalization of online sports betting in NJ, and the state’s revenue from gambling immediately shot up, showing the promise that the activity has in the state. DraftKings Sportsbook was the first to launch its website at the beginning of August, a position it held for three weeks before Play MGM ended that monopoly. SugarHouse Sportsbook brought the number to three alost immediately, right before FanDuel Sportsbook and William Hill added their names to the New Jersey online sports betting community.

More Players Join Sports Betting in New Jersey

Caesars, 888, and Betfair would not let the NFL season peak before they launched their sportsbooks, and this now made it clear that all land-based casinos had the intention of owning sportsbooks. Since august, sports betting in New Jersey has risen and now, the state is enjoying the same recognition as other gambling states.

The New Jersey online sports betting scene is fashioned in such a way that a land-based racetrack operator can license up to three unique brands. This is how players like DraftKIngs who have no physical presence in the state are able to launch their brand and make history in revenues the way they have. Authorities welcome the launch of more sportsbooks – in fact noting that there is space for over 40 of them – and so the existing brands are keen to keep gamblers coming back.

Bets that you can make

There is no limit to the type of bets you can make, except the ones restricted by the state. You cannot, for instance, place a wager on colleges based in the state, no matter where you are in NJ, and you also cannot wager on high school games. If you are a referee or other interested party in a match, you are not allowed to place a bet in that match. You also have to be at least 21 years old.