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Who regulates online gambling in the US?

Online casinos in America are becoming more popular in most of the states. This activity started taking shape in the 2000s and has now become a booming industry in the country. Though most of the states have legalized online gambling, we still have a few states in the US that are slowly considering it. There is also the existence of regulatory bodies in America whose work is to protect you as the player. If you are wondering who regulates online gambling, then read on.

Since most of the casinos operate legally in the US, they are prevented from performing any malicious activities that may harm the consumers by regulatory bodies. These bodies also ensure that the games that online casinos offer in the US are fair to reduce customer complaints. This information should give you some peace of mind as you engage in online gambling. Regulatory bodies in the US exist to ensure that you can have a positive gaming experience as long as you pick a licensed casino.

These bodies pay attention to the business practices of online casinos. They ensure that every player that gambles from a certain site receives the money they have deposited and can play with it conveniently. They also hold every casino accountable for its operations. If regulatory bodies in the US did not exist, some of the online gambling sites would have so many cases of not paying their customers on time.

Such bodies are therefore put in place to help settle any disputes that arise between casinos and gamers. Things in the online gambling scene have changed. In the past, when a customer had an issue, they had to raise it with the site directly. If the issue was about finances, some customers could not get the assistance that they needed. The presence of regulatory bodies in the US has made it easy for customers to resolve such issues since the regulatory body protects the interest of the customer. With that in mind, it is time to figure out who regulates online gambling. They include:

  • The gaming control board

This is the body that is responsible for regulating online gambling in Nevada. It has existed since the 1950s because Nevada was one of the first states to legalize online gambling. The regulatory body ensures that all of the legal sites within the state abide by the set rules.

  • Division of gaming enforcement

If you would like to engage in online gambling in New Jersey, you should check for this regulatory body’s logo at the site you intend to gamble from. The NJDGE ensures that New Jersey residents enjoy gambling from licensed sites within the state.

  • Kahnawake gaming commission

Some unscrupulous characters can no longer con North American residents thanks to the presence of this regulatory body.

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After discovering who regulates online gambling, you may be wondering how the bodies oversee so many casinos. Each body is assigned to a particular state.