Deuces Wild Video Poker, real play bonus

Deuces Wild is a simple, easy, popular video poker game which uses a standard deck of 52 cards. In this video poker variant, deuces (2s) are wild, and they substitute any other card on the deck to form a winning hand. This, therefore, makes winning in this game far much easier, but consequently, the paytable is a bit tighter than other video poker variants such as Aces and Eights or Jacks or Better.


How to Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild video poker plays in more or less the same way as most other video poker variants. At a beginning of a hand, a bet is placed and players are dealt five cards. The slayers have the possibility to hold all five or discard up to five cards to receive new cards in the quest for a better and winning hand.

You simply choose “Hold” for the cards you wish to keep and then click on “Draw” again. To make things a little easier for you, any winning cards will be automatically flagged as “Hold”. And this where the special special feature of this game comes into play.

The deuces (this is the number 2 card in the vernacular of card sharks) act as wilds. In Deuces Wild, a deuce substitutes for whatever card you need in your hand in order to complete the highest paying combination.

So if you land a ‘2’ on your first deal, the game will automatically hold it for you by default. The winning combinations are the same as in standard poker: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 4 of a kind and full house. If you manage to land a natural Royal Flush (so without the help of a deuce cum wild) you could win the jackpot of up to 5000 coins!


Wish you luck

The wild feature sets this game apart from the practically numberless video poker variations. However, it also makes winning in this game much easier – and we all know what that means; the paytable is less generous than other video poker variants.

Classic Blackjack in online casino

Blackjack is the oldest and most popular casino game of all times. Who is passing the threshold of a casino should know the rules of this game, or at least have heard them. Blackjack is part of the table games category and is also called 21.

It plays at special tables, and most online casinos offer the opportunity to play against real dealers. Blackjack is a complex casino game where you can develop a strategy after learning basic rules. The aim of the game is to collect 21 points without exceeding that amount. If you go over 21, you go bust and immediately lose.


Its simple rules

Firstly, it’s just you against the dealer. Whether you’re playing on a full table of seven at the local casino or online, it doesn’t change. Unlike the slot games where luck is the main factor, online blackjack requires techniques and knowledge to maximize your profits.

Blackjack requires a full deck of cards and each has a value. The numbered cards (2, 3, 4 etc.) are the value of the number, whereas, any face card (Queen, Jack, King) are worth ten. The AS can be worth one or 11, depending on your situation.
The distribution of cards is done by the online dealer. Inially, he splits 2 cards to all players. Subsequently, he receives two cards, one of which will be placed face up. Thus, players can calculate their chances of defeating the dealer. You can choose to add additional cards or to stop the game. In the end, all cards are shown and the player with the most appropriate amount of 21 wins. Is considered an automatically blackjack when you receive an AS and a royal card. But obviously, this is luck, not strategy.

Try Blackjack live casino

To enjoy the game right from your sofa, you can try blackjack with live dealers by streaming live from the real casino. You have dealers who distribute the cards for you from a real casino, the advantage being that you do not have to make any effort to be physically present in that place, you can bet anywhere with a mobile device.

Sit and Go Tournament – Sit and Win!

It’s time to take it seriously! Improve your skills with a tournament with a round of Sit and Go and experience some fast-paced Poker action! Sit and Go is one of the most popular types of Poker games.

The rules are simple. The game begins when all the seats are taken. This type of Poker game is contested between six and ten players, and a game lasts between 20 and 60 minutes. The cost of entry varies from one tournament to another, but they can range from less than $1 to more than $1,000.


Feeling lucky?

To take part in the tournament, a player has to pay a specific buy-in amount. Just like in a cash/ring games, this amount equals the starting chips for all participants. If, for example, a table requires a $25 buy-in, then each player begins the game with $25 in chips.

The Poker game is over when only one player remains. At this point, the tournament is over and those who finished will receive their payout. There are no re-buys in these games; when your stack of chips has been depleted, you’re eliminated from the contest (known as a “freezeout tournament”).

The top three players usually receive a cash prize, although this is sometimes reduced by two in smaller games. For example, in a game where 10 players contributed with $20 each, the prize breakdown might look something like this: $150 to first place, $60 to second place, and $40 to third place.


Tips for the unlucky ones

Even from the beginning, it’s wise to adopt a conservative strategy. You’re supposed to avoid big chip confrontations whenever possible, and only begin playing aggressively when you have a winning hand.

During the middle stages of a sit n go, it’s recommended that you adopt a more aggressive strategy to put pressure on your opponents. Don’t be afraid to go after small pots, re-raise, go all-in, and steal blinds.

If you have the misfortune of being short-stacked when only four players remain, it’s recommended to look for an opportunity to go all-in. You’re likely to get called because of your smaller chip count, so wait until you have a hand that’s well-suited for a showdown.

Playing in a Live Online Casino

Online casino is very attractive. v, just like you are playing in a real casino. The best part is that you can also play with a bonus, without  having  to make a casino deposit. This way you can test the online gaming experience without having to make any payments.

What is a Live Online Casino?

Live Online Casino is a game where you participate in real time. The casino has a separate room which is reserved for live gaming. You will see the table game and the dealer as well as a section where you can place bets and use the chat. The chat section makes the game more interactive and allows you to contact the dealer and the other players. Everything is real. It’s like you’re in the gaming room.


Elements of a Live Online Casino

The dealer – The dealer is the person who runs the casino game, making the cards or spinning the roulette. Online dealers are very friendly and will enjoy the atmosphere. You can use the chat to talk to them and you will always receive a reply. Therefore, the experience of playing is much more enjoyable.

The table game – Depending on the technology used by the casino, you will be able to choose between several angles from which to look at the table. You can see the action from the perspective of multiple cameras. The focus can move from the dealer to the table game and so on.

If you’ve played roulette or blackjack before, you’ll see that the online gaming table is no different. You’ll have the same structure and you’ll be able to bet wherever you want. Each casino has tables with different minimum amounts. Depending on your budget, you can play on amounts that start from just a few dollars.

The chat – The system of online casino allows the access to every other player. Once connected on live gaming, your presence will be announced and you’ll be able to contact the dealer and the others players. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.

Start playing today!

Want to learn more about Online Casinos?

Online casinos known by others as virtual casinos or casinos on the Internet, are online versions of traditional casinos. Online casinos offer the possibility to play and wager on casino games through the Internet. It is a prolific form of online gambling.

Online casinos generally offer odds and payback percentages that are a bit higher than land-based casinos.

Numerous games at lower limits

In online casinos you have no limit to the amount of games you can play. Instead of going from casino to casino, you can hop from site to site in seconds. Online, you’ll have access to numerous games, including unique slots, variants on video poker and blackjack, as well as roulette games which you may have never seen before.

Don’t worry, it’s safe and legal!

Online casinos in NJ are completely legal. For many of you, the one thing that is stopping you from giving online casinos a try is a concern over the safety of the sites. They might not be sure if the owners can be trusted, if the games are fair, or if they’ll be able to withdraw their winnings.

Play games for free!

Until you get some experience and learn some tricks about casinos and the games itself, you can try them all for free. It does not involve costs and you can experience any game that seems interesting.