Learn more regarding the history of New Jersey gambling laws

Gambling in New Jersey began in 1969, where the state established its first lottery. This was to support education within New Jersey. The lottery funds that were raised at that time were used to build several schools in the state. NJ casinos started legal operations within the state in 1976. It was among the first states in America to legalize gambling. Resorts casino became the first site to facilitate NJ gambling. Resorts casino still exists even after decades of operation. It has even managed to establish its own online website. Many other casinos, both land-based and online, were established after that, thus attracting more gamers to their sites.

Which forms of online gambling are legal in New Jersey?

Do you want to be part of New Jersey gambling? You can choose different forms of gambling within the state without worrying about breaking the law. Online casino gambling was legalized in 2013 in New Jersey. According to New Jersey gambling laws, you have to be within the state for you to engage in the activity. The site that you choose has to verify your location before allowing you to participate in online gambling. You can engage in poker gambling, Bingo games, sports betting and even play lottery games from New Jersey.

Regulating online gambling in New Jersey

Based on New Jersey gambling laws, all of the legal sites within the state have to be regulated and licensed. The Division of Gaming Enforcement regulates every online gambling activity. It monitors for violations and ensures that casino employees uphold integrity to protect the interest of players.  As a player, you should choose an NJ site that works with DGE for you to gain from strict security measures and enjoy fair games.