The History of Online Gambling

We live in a world where the internet has come to be highly influential. The World Wide Web has only started taking control during the mid-1990’s. Well, in such a short time since then, the internet has struck quicker than magic. Given the fact that culture has been influenced by these advances, the quality of entertainment has experienced revolutionary changes also.


Whilst games such as Poker and Blackjack have a history dating a very early time, online casinos have only just started conquering the world around the year 1994. Unfortunately, setting an exact date for the appearance of online casinos is rather difficult. The most accurate information regarding this movement is the passing of the Free Trade and Processing Act in the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda. This meant that one could obtain a license for providing gambling services online.

it’s biggest impediment

Despite the substantial number of online casinos operating in the United States, the law had become the biggest impediment for casinos to do well. Poker websites, for example, were closed down in the year 2010. This was when New Jersey rose from the ground, ready to fight against the legislation and come up with a way to legalize online gambling. Together with Nevada, New Jersey appealed to the Senate, and finally passed the legislation in 2013.

Today, the industry of land-based and online gambling is a huge economical contributor. People all over the world are now able to benefit from this source of entertainment, while receiving a trustworthy experience. The gambling industry is now in constant development. It provides the users with bonuses, rewards and incentives to adopt one of the most easily accessible entertainment platforms. Therefore, thank you Nevada and New Jersey for your initiative and implication! The world is now more enjoyable, thanks to you.